Bay State Showdown: 2006

15 October 2006


Howie Carr Begs Independent Spoiler To Leave Race

Radio talk show host Howie Carr has finally come right out and said what has been on the minds of so many recently: Christy Mihos, it's time to go!

With the independent candidate's angry effort attracting just single- digit support, with no sign of a gain in momentum, even some of Christy's friends are urging him to get out of the race at once.

But will he?

The Mihos effort was quite clearly motivated by revenge against the Romney administration, after the governor failed to renominate him for another term on the Turnpike Authority board several years ago. For that, Christy has chosen to take out his anger on GOP Lt Gov Kerry Healey.

With Healey still ten or more points behind Democrat extremist Deval Patrick, the anti- Mihos chorus is getting increasingly louder.

Excerpted from Carr's column:

Christy, it’s time to quit the governor’s race.

Let me be blunt: You are a straw for Deval Patrick. Of course you deny it, but there’s an old saying that the best straw is the one who doesn’t even know he’s a straw.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, a straw is a candidate in a fight who drains off votes from the main challenger. Basically, a straw splits the anti-vote, so that even if a majority are against a particularly odious candidate, he still slides in. Christy is playing Ross Perot to Deval’s Clinton.

But this campaign is not a referendum on Christy Mihos. It’s about Deval Patrick. There is only one question in this fight.

Are you for Free ’Em All Deval, or are you against him?

Look, Christy, we all like you. You’re a good guy. I’ve had you on my show about a million times; we’ve been to each other’s houses; we’ve gone out to dinner together; one of my best friends is on your campaign payroll.

But the fact remains, your continuing presence in the race is only helping one person, and his name is not Joe Sixpack.

You’ve admitted that you would vote for Deval if you weren’t running. Before the primary, on NECN, Jim Braude asked you flat-out who you would pull the lever for if you couldn’t vote for yourself.

First you said you’d go “someplace between Chris Gabrieli and Deval Patrick.”

Braude: “You only get one vote. Who would get that vote?”

Christy: “Probably Deval. Yeah, I like Deval.”

So I asked you on the radio last week about that interview.

Me: “Did you say you wanted him to be the governor if you couldn’t be?”

Christy: “Get away, get away. Howie, please, get away.”

Look, we understand Mitt Romney didn’t reappoint you to the Turnpike board. Basically, he fired you, and that hurt your feelings, after all you’d done for him.

Here’s three words for you Christy: Get over it. Living well is the best revenge. You’ve had your chance to speak truth to power, whatever that means. You’ve been lauded by all the pundits who are really for Deval.

I saw Fred Smerlas, the former NFL defensive lineman from BC and Waltham, on Friday and he wanted me to pass on a message to you from the Greek-American community. Here is what he said:

“Christy, I want a state where my children are safe and I can afford to live. OK? NOW PLEASE GET THE HELL OUT OF THE RACE!”

At the Scotto Bloggo, media contributions to Deval's campaign are uncovered.

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