Bay State Showdown: 2006

03 October 2006

Christy Mihos Plays Dirty


Mihos Again Doing Patrick's Bidding

Supposed "independent" gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos is again doing the dirty work for Democrat Deval Patrick during a statewide debate now underway in Springfield, Massachusetts. At this point, there's something truly fishy about Christy's candidacy: it's obvious his only purpose is to aid Patrick, a Howard Dean / Ned Lamont- style extremist.

Right out of the gate, Mihos repeated his angry, spiteful attacks on GOP Lt Gov Healey, allowing Patrick to avoid appearing mean. With Sleazy Christy running interference, the Democrat is able to look as though he's above the fray.

Mihos continued to interrupt Healey, doing what he could to block her responses and undermine her presentation. His campaign is truly dirty and that's become obvious to many. Given the relatively few proactive issues on Christy's plate, it's a wonder why he is running, other than to continue his unhinged, stalker- like attacks against Healey. Yet he doesn't have an unkind word for the Democrat- run legislature or Patrick.

Healey, for her part, is working harder to come across as poised, confident and less likely to be shaken by Christy's relentless attacks. Whether this improvement is enough to improve her poll standing is for now unclear. Meanwhile, she still needs to let us know why she would like to be governor. If she were to be asked that simple question, it would be interesting to hear the answer. Where's the fire in her belly?

Nonetheless, it is truly time to exclude Mihos and Green Party candidate Grace Ross from the remaining forums. Both have had two primetime opportunities to express their positions and even dominate the proceedings, despite polling results in the low single digits. We've heard relatively little from Patrick at this point, so let's end his free pass once and for all.

During the few opportunities we've had to hear Patrick, he comes across as oddly bland and overly vague, with little to say that would excite voters. Where's the passion? Suddenly, he's become downright boring.

That's a far cry from the Dean- like approach he took during the primary election. Voters still know little about his true nature and what he would do if elected. It's hard to believe he's doing this well in the polls.

One benefit to this debate: as it is being held in Springfield, Boston- centric candidates are forced to pretend they care about the rest of the state, especially its long- troubled larger cities.

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