Bay State Showdown: 2006

01 October 2006

Columnist Uses Carr's Words Against Him


In Ridiculing Healey, Has Carr Gone Too Far?

In today's Boston Herald, liberal columnist Margery Eagan uses Howie Carr's own words against him as the conservative talk host now warns the public about Democrat Deval Patrick's extremism.

Hey, Howie hates her more than I do, Eagan correctly points out. Which begs the question: why has Carr been so nasty to Healey for so long? Why hasn't he let her have a chance to prove what she can do?

It would be one thing if Carr had had criticized her here or there, but he's been downright brutal going back years.

From Eagan's column:

Here’s the truth. Howie loathes “Muffy.”

How do I know? I read his Complete Muff Collection.

Sept. 15: “Run for re-election as governor, Mitt. It’s still not too late!”

A year ago, he begged Mitt, “yet again,” to run. Why? “Because Lt. Gov. Muffy Healey is just plain not going to be elected governor. She couldn’t even get elected state rep on her own - twice.”

He’s called her:

“Little Bo Prep”

“A Swift Lite socialite”

Lois Lane, as in “(Governor) Superman won’t let her out from under his cape.”

“Kerry Murphy Healey is the answer to the question,” he writes, “whatever happened to Mandy Pepperidge?”

From “Animal House,” remember?

“Romney’s real problem this summer is going to be his social-climbing la-de-da running mate, the 21st-century version of Mrs. Thurston Howell III,” he says. “In the radio spots Mitt is running, a Mr. Radio Voice says, ‘She has qualifications like no other.’ Surely he meant to say, ‘She has, like, no qualifications.’ (Then) we are assured she is ‘an expert . . . on gangs.’ Of course she is. Not only does she own a mansion in Pride’s Crossing, she also has a vacation home in Florida, her Vermont ski chalet was financed by her husband’s company, and he makes $70,000 a week!”

Her victory strategy, in Howie World: “First, she sweeps the Junior League vote. Runs up a huge margin at the Myopia Hunt Club. Then the Episcopalians.”

Once she’s cut the crusts from the cucumber sandwiches, gosh darn it, there’s just no stopping her!

Howie to Muffy: “Do your children call you ‘Mater,’ or do you prefer ‘Mumsy?’ ”

He even writes her pitch to the public: “Why, you ask, should you vote for me? I’m rich. I’m thin. I went to Harvard. I live in a mansion . . . (My) pint-sized nouveau-riche husband has more money than God. . . . You’ll never have as much . . . but I’ll make sure the Democrats don’t tax you into the Stone Age.”

Meanwhile, Howie's anti-Deval piece appears here. In it, he says he's not going to call her "Muffy" anymore, but it's quite frankly too late: the damage has been done.

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