Bay State Showdown: 2006

06 October 2006

Dems Urge "Nice" Campaigning


Dems Call On Healey To Be "Nice"

When one side of a nasty race is urging the other to be "nice", that's a sure sign the attacks are proving effective.

How else can we explain the sudden push by key Democrat insiders to insist the Healey camp cease their negative campaigning? They must be very, very worried.

After all, they know as well as anybody that earlier polls showing Democrat Deval Patrick up to 25 points ahead of Kerry Healey were not to be believed, coming right off of Patrick's big primary win and the first debate.

You knew the Boston Globe survey was bogus when it claimed that almost every voter had already made up his or her mind on the race. Given how little voters know of Patrick, even now, that just didn't seem possible.

And, in recent days, Patrick's extremist past has certainly come back to haunt him. Since then, his campaign has had to play defense, while Healey's effort finally has begun to gain momentum.

Now, according to the Boston Herald's Dave Wedge, former Attorney General Scott Harshbarger, a key Democrat Party operative, is crying foul:

With the governor’s race taking a nasty turn, a team of high-powered Democrats - as well as candidates Grace Ross and Christy Mihos - are calling for a cease-fire.

“We are not going to allow Kerry Healey to ‘Swift Boat’ Deval Patrick,” former Attorney General Scott Harshbarger said yesterday, referring to the infamous Republican attack ad credited with helping sink Sen. John Kerry’s bid for president.

Harshbarger accused the Healey camp of using “Karl Rove tactics” and “fear mongering.” He said the GOP is “distorting” Patrick’s support of rapist Ben LaGuer and his 1985 defense of Florida cop-killer Carl Songer to create a situation similar to the Willie Horton furlough scandal that plagued former Gov. Michael Dukakis in his presidential bid.

“These are typical Republican attack ads,” Harshbarger said.

Healey campaign spokesman Tim O’Brien countered that Democrats have been “running smear attacks against the lieutenant governor for months.”

He added, “If Deval Patrick’s record is negative, then maybe they nominated the wrong person.”

Both independent candidate Christy Mihos and Green-Rainbow Party candidate Grace Ross called on Healey and Patrick to stop the sniping.

Healey's campaign must surely know that the key to victory is to tell the truth about Patrick's extremist background. If they don't do it, Boston's newspapers sure aren't going to. The moment Kerry Healey backs off, she will lose the race.

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