Bay State Showdown: 2006

02 October 2006

Democrats Demand Healey Pull Ad


Insist Healey Pull Ad Immediately

In a hotly contested race, nothing is more powerful than past examples of praise from your current opponents, regardless of the setting or context.

Though it may drive them bonkers now, it's absolutely fair game to use in this year's campaign.

Just try telling that to some steamed Democrats, however, who are now demanding that Kerry Healey pull just such an ad from the airwaves.

From the Boston Herald's Kimberly Atkins:

Do as we say . . . not as we said!

That was the message from Democrats furious that Republican gubernatorial candidate Kerry Healey would dare to use their recorded praise of her past deeds in a campaign ad.

To make matters worse, she’s now thinking about making a new ad out of yesterday’s press conference, after Democratic lawmakers said they stood by their initial remarks.

The Dems are demanding that Healey take the offending spot off the air, calling it a ploy to mislead voters into thinking they back her.

The ad, which debuted over the weekend, features Democratic Sen. Steven Baddour and Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley praising Healey’s work on criminal justice issues last week as Healey signed a tough new sex offender law.

Baddour said the ad “represents some of the worst things about politics. I’m thoroughly disappointed that her campaign would intentionally distort my role in this event.”

In the ad, Baddour is shown at the press conference saying: “She deserves a great deal of admiration and respect,” while Conley said: “Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey put in place a very good law.” The ad ends with a clip of Attorney General Tom Reilly’s pre-primary comments calling Patrick “soft on crime.”

This is exactly the kind of campaigning that will be necessary for Healey to win in November. It puts opponents in an uncomfortable situation that's hard to explain away easily.

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