Bay State Showdown: 2006

29 September 2006

Kennedy To Debate Chase


Kennedy Agrees To Debate

Apparently deciding he will pretend to campaign this year, Senator Ted Kennedy has agreed to a whopping 30 minute debate with his place- holding GOP opponent, Kenneth Chase.

Because major Republican figures stayed out of the race this year, the only question in this contest is whether Teddy will win by 50 percentage points, or 60.

In addition, Kennedy has a huge warchest to use this time around, though it was primarily raised for the benefit of other Democrats.

From the Boston Globe:

By Andrew Ryan, Globe Correspondent

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the 44-year incumbent Democrat, has agreed to participate in his first campaign debate since 1994.

Kennedy will face off with Kenneth B. Chase, his Republican challenger, for 30 minutes on a New England Cable News forum hosted by Chet Curtis at a time and date that have yet to be announced.

"Because of (NECN's) wide reach and Chet Curtis' breadth of experience, Senator Kennedy has accepted the invitation and looks forward to discussing the important issues facing the people of Massachusetts," the Senator’s campaigns said in a written statement.

Kennedy's last debate was in 1994 when he faced off with Mitt Romney, who was challenging him in that year's Senate race.

Chase, who narrowly defeated Kevin Scott in the GOP primary, said he will "accept any an all debate offers" and will appear with Kennedy on NECN. The Belmont resident has proposed 11 hour-long debates with Kennedy – 60 minutes for every four years the senator has been in office.

There may be some entertainment value in this debate, otherwise, it's a throwaway.

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