Bay State Showdown: 2006

01 October 2006

"GOP" Patrick Support Exposed


Patrick's "GOP" Support Looks Phony

Why would a far- left liberal be able to attract a substantial number of Republicans, particularly from the business world, to his cause?

Sure, Deval Patrick has served on a number of corporate boards, but his agenda has always been about affirmative action and fringe- lefty activism, rather than low taxation or lean, efficient government.

That's why Patrick's substantial effort to show he has "Republican" support rings hollow. And sure enough, in Sunday's Boston Herald, Dave Wedge exposes these cardboard elephants for who they really are:

GOP bigshot Gloria Larson made headlines last week when she switched from Republican to unenrolled and threw her weighty support behind Democrat Deval Patrick.

She’s tapped to head up an influential and well-funded crew of “Republicans for Deval,” but it appears Larson has been confused about her allegiance for some time.

Before the Democratic primary, Larson had a “Chris Gabrieli for Governor” campaign sign on the lawn of her Cape Cod home. Her husband, Allen Larson, gave Gabrieli’s campaign $500 in May and even wrote an editorial in the local paper supporting the multi-millionaire businessman’s ill-fated quest for the Corner Office.

A longtime Republican who held the top economic post in Gov. William F. Weld’s cabinet, Gloria Larson also has been a dedicated supporter of Attorney General Tom Reilly. Now an attorney with the white-shoe Hub law firm Foley, Hoag & Eliot, Larson gave Reilly’s campaign $200 in March and $700 in 2003 and 2004, records show.

The term “covering all the bases” comes to mind . . .

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