Bay State Showdown: 2006

29 September 2006

Deval Patrick, Pro- Business?


Patrick Claims GOP Support

Rather than a Howard Dean- like extremist, is Deval Patrick really a pro- business, Republican- friendly guy?

Since the primary, the Democrat Party's choice for governor in the Bay State has been working to moderate his image. But isn't this a bit too much of a stretch?

From Jay Fitzgerald and Jesse Noyes at the Boston Herald:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick yesterday tried to shore up his support within the business community, creating a new “business cabinet” and vowing to “rebuild” the Massachusetts economy.

Patrick, whose liberal candidacy has attracted surprising support from some business quarters, said Gloria Larson, a former economic secretary under GOP governor William Weld and current chairwoman of the state’s convention authority, will head up the cabinet.

Fellow co-chairmen of the cabinet, which Patrick said will meet with him regularly to advise him on business issues, include Cleve Killingsworth Jr., president and chief executive of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and Josh Boger, president and chief executive of Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Patrick said he has “more than 50” business leaders and innovators who are supporting his campaign.

The Patrick campaign initially balked at releasing the list of those backers, saying members were part of a “working committee.”

Late yesterday afternoon, a partial list was released. While it wasn’t exactly a who’s-who list of heavyweight business leaders, it did contain some big names, such as Peter Slavin, president of Mass. General Hospital, Tom Alperin, president of National Development, and John Fish, president of Suffolk Construction.

“We’re releasing to you the names of the people who agreed to be public at this point. Some people wanted to be private at the moment,” said Patrick spokeswoman Libby DeVecchi.

If they're so gung- ho about Deval, then why is their "support" a secret?

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