Bay State Showdown: 2006

26 October 2006

Kerry Healey, Deval Patrick


For Healey To Win, Urgent Advice Must Be Heeded

After the release
of a series of polls showing fringe Democrat Deval Patrick well ahead of GOP Lt Governor Kerry Healey, one could be forgiven for assuming the race is over.

But it doesn't have to be, as long as Healey refuses to allow it to happen.

Some thoughts on what Healey must do, NOW:

--- Despite polls showing that previous negative ads against Patrick have backfired, this is no time to go soft on his extremist track record. Kerry, please continue to point out the profoundly negative consequences of Dangerous Deval as governor, just find a more effective manner in which to do it.

We still have no way of knowing how accurate these surveys really are and turning into a softy will remove all hope of pulling this off.

Furthermore, if there is something else from Deval's crazy past that voters should know about, bring it forward, NOW! Don't hold it back or you will be sorry on election day.

--- Work harder to relate to the average voter just how much damage Deval as governor will do to their sense of public safety, financial outlook and family life. Once Patrick has destroyed the Bay State for good, where will their children live? Young people are already leaving Massachusetts in droves and it will only get far worse under Patrick.

--- Show some real passion, even to the point of getting a bit angry once in awhile. Look what's at stake! With Patrick, it's over for Massachusetts, can we afford to see this fringe extremist elected?

--- Double up on the television airtime, loan yourself more money if needed, but ramp it WAY, WAY up, NOW!

Patrick may very well cut back on spending, assuming he has won this race. In the ads, stick to one simple message: that voters can't afford to take away the one check they've had on an already out- of- control legislature.

Don't let a fringe lunatic win this election. Everything's at stake, Kerry, don't let us down!

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Healey photo: Boston Herald


  • Maloney try and use your adjetives intelligently. If somebody is up 25% in the polls thay are not in the fringe. Candidates whose views are widely known and controversial but are supported by a small percentage of the
    electorate are on the fringe.

    Your unwillingness to use adjectives with discretion is the reason your blogs will always be on the fringe.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 1:44 PM  

  • Patrick is fringe. Unfortunately, Massachusetts may also be fringe. If so, then he'll be elected.

    I say, take the fight where the problem lies: against the Democrats, Patrick et. al.

    Ms. Healey should campaign as if she has coattails.

    Yeah, you're right. We haven't gotten the tax rollback because of the Legislature. Yes, we had our vetos overturned. But our agenda and platform is the one that puts the money back in the taxpayers' pockets and keeps promises that we've made. Kerry Healey wants your vote and also to vote the entrenched Democrats out of their plush seats in the Legislature.

    Vote Healey for Govenor and while you're at it, do some house cleaning.

    By Blogger blog guy, at 5:21 PM  

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